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Honeoeye Falls Distillery

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Honeoeye Falls Distillery, a local craft spirits; creating spirits that are truly unique and quite nothing seen in the liquor space from label design to liquor itself. Every item has been carefully considered and mastered before anything is submitted to the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) for government approval.

aW Marketing, has partnered on this account with Gino Spata, an independent graphic designer and illustrator from Connecticut to help in achieving the vision for Honeoeye Falls Distillery.

Gino Spata, has been a professional graphic designer for years and brings nothing less than stellar creative talent to this account.

Jason Adlowitz, aW Marketing owner and Creative Director. Gino Spata lead designer and illustrator.

We felt this team made the most sense in solving each and every creative marketing and label challenge for Honeoeye Falls Distillery. In working alongside Honeoeye Falls Distillery owners Teal Schlegel and Scott Stanton, we've had a great opportunity to create some gorgeous looking labels for over 10 different liquors that are sold to over 40 different states across the United States.

“When we first opened our doors at Honeoye Falls Distillery, in 2015, we hadn't put much thought into the design and purpose of our brands and labels. It was when we met aW Marketing that we realized the need to invest in thoughtful and quality representation for our products. This allowed us to make an eye catching first impression that greatly effected the reception by our distribution partners and consumers. Since then we have designed an entire spirit portfolio with AW and continue to receive praise and complements for the label design work. It is a critical part of the products we produce and AW has delivered to the highest degree.”


– Teal Schlegel


Head Distiller


Honeoye Falls Distiller

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