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Nicole Thibault, owner of Magical Storybook Travels contact me a few years back with a new business she wanted to create and wanted our help bringing her business to life.

She said, I want to be a travel agent with a twist.

Her twist was that she wanted to be a travel agent for families with disabilities. Being a mother of three boys, two with Autism. She needed a name for her company that encompassed her visions. She also needed a logo and branding.

We immediately started creating. I knew the logo had to be whimsical, fun and inviting. It also needed to feel welcoming because many families with children with Autism aren’t aware that trips are possible let alone affordable. This is where Nicole lends her expertise and saves the day.

The brand needed to convey, ‘As a parent with a special needs child; I can help you have a magical vacation without all the worry'

I think she’s says it best:

I've known Jason Adlowitz for many years, both professionally and personally. We worked together for several years - he was a Sr. Graphic Designer and I was a Technical Writer and Training Developer. We often collaborated on marketing pieces and internal collaterals.

Our friendship grew stronger after our sons were both diagnosed with Autism. Jason and his wife Diana are wonderful parents, and having friends to lean on, to ask questions, to commiserate with, is truly a blessing.


When I started my travel agency business in 2015, Jason was able to work with me to craft an amazing logo and marketing pieces. Magical Storybook Travels is a travel agency that focuses on Family Travel and Autism Travel, and I needed a logo that was whimsical and eye-catching that would appeal to parents looking for great family vacations.


I do many travel trade shows and I've been told many times, by potential clients and also Suppliers and Travel Reps, that my logo, marketing pieces, and business cards are stunning. They're completely unique and that gives me an edge to set myself apart from other Travel Agencies.


– Nicole Thibault




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